The International Network of Women Journalists (WOJIN) is a global non-profit association created in 2019 by a group of women from the media sector of different nationalities. It brings together women journalists and media owners: print, radio, television, photojournalism and / or web. WOJIN seeks to expand women’s opportunities for leadership and increase their visibility in an international sphere.



The vision of the International Network of Women Journalists is to be the primary resource for women journalists and media owners to be part of a worldwide network, to sponsor and participate in professional development programs designed to help them progress in their work and their career.



Contribute to the development of women journalists and media owners by giving them access to all opportunities.

Global Symposium

The Global Women Journalists Symposium is the only event that WOJIN organizes each year for network members in a round table format to discuss topics relevant to women journalists and media owners. The purpose of the Global Symposium is to bring together a wide range of successful women journalists and media owners who, through discussions on topical issues, educate, inspire and encourage journalists to reflect on their own goals. and their status as they strive to make progress. The Global Symposium aims to empower, motivate and encourage women journalists and media owners from all walks of life and all professional levels to pursue careers and take up leadership positions. Help each other to become stronger. Ensure a certain visibility of the fair sex in their journalistic achievements (talking about women in articles, giving the microphone to women in reports).


The central committee is composed of four (4) women of various skills. The positions they occupy are as follows:


Daniella Jacques

Executive Director

Daniella Jacques est née le 12 mai à Port-au-Prince, en Haïti. Elle est une militante, journaliste multimédia et entrepreneure en série. En 2016, elle a cofondé la Chambre de commerce des ... femmes haïtiennes, dont elle est également présidente. Elle initie deux grands projets avec la Chambre: SIFNUH - Sommet international des femmes dans la technologie et FEFHA - Forum économique des femmes haïtiennes. Madame Jacques partage sa passion entre l'entrepreneuriat et la politique. Avec une maîtrise en politique et administration électorale, Daniella est cofondatrice et directrice des opérations de PoliticoTech, une entreprise politique qui aide à la gestion de campagnes électorales, accompagne des représentants, des gouvernements locaux et des femmes leaders en politique. L'année dernière, elle a créé la première plateforme multimédia numérique dédiée aux femmes Dofen News a pour objectif d'informer, d'éduquer et de responsabiliser les femmes.


Roberta Miller

Coordinator of Symposium

Roberta Miller is an independent multimedia journalist who specialises in reported features about human rights, women, politics, culture, arts and sports. She also does fact-checking and ... copy-editing for print and digital publications. Roberta has reported from more than thirty countries across four continents, specialising in issues affecting Africa, South America and the Caribbean, the environment, health, politics and development She is a graduate of Edinburgh Napier University, has a master’s degree with highest honours from IHECS School of Journalism and Communication, and is the recipient of numerous journalism awards.


Ema Edosio Deelen

Director of Communications

Emamodeviefe Edosio Deelen (popularly known as Ema) is an award winning Nigerian Film Director and Journalist. Ema studied at the New York Film Academy (NYFA) and the Motion ... Pictures Institute of Michigan in the United States, where she majored in Cinematography and Directing She currently works as a freelance video broadcast journalist for the BBC Africa and deutsch welle Germany covering breaking stories accross Nigeria, she has also worked as a TV director for Nigerian TV networks like EbonyLife TV, Ndani TV and Spice TV. In November 2014, she was awarded the Film and Television director of the year by Ebonylife TV. Her recent film Kasala! has been screened in thirty international film festivals and has won 9 awards.


Paola Rueda López

Director of Operations

El cuento “Se Rompe El Techo de Cristal” escrito por Paola es Herramienta pedagógica en inclusión laboral con política de equidad de género en 600 empresas... de Colombia. Publicado también como audiolibro en Spotify y Youtube. El libro Historias de Negocios Altamente Inspiradoras Mujeres –su segunda publicación- recoge, luego de 3.000 entrevistas, esos 10 comportamientos observables que permiten que la mujer ascienda. Su más reciente publicación: “Inclusión y Sostenibilidad” hace visibles buenas prácticas corporativas en esas temáticas de cara a los ODS. Ha sido Directora, Periodista y Presentadora en diferentes programas de TV y Radio. Premio Nacional de Periodismo Simón Bolívar (Máximo reconocimiento al periodismo en Colombia). Hace parte del top ranking de influencers de su país en temas empresariales.

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